“There’s another Healer on Earth now.” Merran stepped fully into the elevator and tapped the button to the floor just below his. This wasn’t the elevator he normally took to get to his apartment. That elevator was a dedicated one, with a complete security system to get to his penthouse apartment. Tamara knew there was a staircase from his penthouse apartment that went down to the main levels. She’d never seen him take that route before, but apparently he was today. Probably so he could spend time with her. That thought made her uncomfortable.

“What are you doing?” 

Merran raised an eyebrow. “Do you really want to discuss this in the elevator? Besides, I have to get changed. I don’t particularly want to stand around in my business suit all day. It’s not that comfortable.” He loosened his tie and pulled it away from his neck.  

Tamara felt a curious sense of panic, and the only thing she could think was that Alarin wouldn’t like it. “I can’t go with you up to your apartment,” she blurted, not thinking about how her words might be received. 

Merran gave her a look. “Afraid I’m going to ravish you the moment we step into the apartment?” 

She blushed furiously. Not ten minutes ago, she was wondering when she was going to get a chance to get him alone to talk to him and now he was standing in front of her … confusing her. I’m not ready to talk to him, not yet. But with Merran, who knows when the next time will come around? She cleared her throat. “No, no, of course not.” 

A grin hovered at the edges of his mouth, but he did not let it express itself fully. “I think you don’t mean that.” He gave her a look that said she was leaking more than she meant to. 

She blushed harder. “We, uh, need to talk…”

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