Sara L Daigle, International Award Winning Author

I have been creating stories since I first forayed into the world of writing at age of eight. As an avid reader growing up in a small town without much access to a library, before the birth of the Internet, I devoured my mother’s extensive stack of science fiction and romance novels to keep my literary thirst quenched. When I ran out of my mother’s books, I began creating my own, writing plays for my friends to act out.

A passionate interest in astronomy, anthropology and linguistics, coupled with this early background in science fiction and romance, led me to merge the two fields and create a series of interlinked stories built around a fictional planet’s culture and its interaction with ours. And thus, Azelle was born. One of the pleasures of my life is playing with what could be, what might be and what if. Imagination and Infinite Possibilities…what else is possible? Will you play along with me and open yourself to what could be?