10 Thing Readers Would be Surprised to Know About Me

  1. I avoided admitting I was a writer for a very long time. Everyone else in my life knew it except for me.
  2. I was an Anthropology and French major in college. No English degree for me
  3. I could never write short stories until about a year ago. Now I write them all the time.
  4. I did accounting and tax prep for seventeen years before deciding that I was going to follow my passion, which is writing. Some of you who already know me know this, because they met me when I had my accounting hat on, but there will come a day that this will be news, because I have left all that behind.
  5. Before taking up accounting and tax prep, I worked as a financial aid counselor for my alma mater for five years.
  6. I spent 5 months in France in college. I was nearly fluent, but let it go to focus on writing English. I’d love to pick it up again, though. Immersion is the way to go!
  7. I’ve read more French literature books than I have English literature. While my high school peers were reading English lit classics, I was taking creative writing.
  8. I have never read or seen Game of Thrones. Okay, that’s a lie. I saw one episode. As popular as it is, it requires too much effort to get into the storyline. Yes, I am a lazy reader/TV watcher.
  9. I don’t like cold winters. Which made growing up in a place that has worse winters than coastal Alaska problematic.
  10. I love hiking. I love the outdoors and spending time in it. Especially after I moved to Colorado, where it is sunny most of the time and amazingly biting-bug free. Sshhh, that’s a secret we who live in Colorado don’t want to get out. Unfortunately, I think it’s already too late as Denver has quadrupled in size since I first moved here.