New Beginnings: Here We Go Again!

Today is the start of new things: a beautiful new website and the beginning editing process on book 2 of the Azellian Affairs. I celebrate the new beginning, even as I approach the idea of editing Book 2 with a distinct feeling of nerves: yes, even having been through the editing process once before, with one published book under my belt, I feel nervous. Everything is in place: an editor and a cover designer who have won awards for the first book, a story that came from the same mysterious inner place as the first one, time carved out each day to write…everything has come together beautifully. 

As I write this blog, it is difficult to sit still. I want to jump up and down and startle my sleeping dogs awake, although I suspect I’d regret that plan of action pretty quickly. Maybe those nerves aren’t what I think they are. Maybe they’re something far different. Something far larger than just the story I’m writing at the moment is waiting to express itself through these stories. With nine stories written (and more in the hopper), I’m only just beginning to glimpse the bigger picture. That picture is not what I expected it to be when I started Alawahea so many years ago.

Book 2 is a very different being than Alawahea is. It’s got a big brother (or sister) to live up to, yet it has its own unique voice and flavor. Book 2 is about unexpected turns in the road. There are many of those…here’s to being able to roll through all the turns with grace and love. 

Editing Book 2