The Next Steps

It’s been a while since my last post—and I apologize to my readers.

Such is the life of an author—the muse can get derailed by all kinds of unexpecteds and apparently, the blog muse is very similar. In my case, however, the derailing was in the form of something quite exciting: I was quite focused on my launch of Book Two, Triangle: Book Two of The Azellian Affairs. I’m happy to say my book launch at Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver, Colorado went beautifully—I was able to share my experiences on writing the story and the process of getting it launched with a fun group of people. I do so love to stand in front of people, answering their questions about being an author—and questions about my book and the backstory that underlies it. 

After a series of technical difficulties and challenges, Triangle finally made it to the online shelves and is available on Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes and Noble. The actual bookstore shelves were much easier: Both Alawahea: Book One and Triangle: Book Two can be found on the physical Tattered Cover Bookstore shelves and they hosted such a lovely book signing. What a wonderful, supportive environment they offer for Colorado authors! Thank you, Tattered Cover! 

I immediately jumped from launching Triangle into Book Three (not yet named).

The process of writing a book is never a smooth process—at least it never has been for me. Each story is coming from a deep place inside of me, and ever since I started editing Alawahea four or five years ago, the story utterly changed from the original version I wrote. I am exploring this world as much as the readers are. I can say, though, Book Three is quite beyond anything I’ve written yet, and was one of the most difficult books I’ve written. I wrote a version of the story, only to realize that I was trying to cram WAY too much information into it, and to chop it down by about half, focusing instead on one character instead of two. It was rather schizophrenic, too, with each character voice being so different that it didn’t flow particularly well. 

After chopping the book in half and fleshing it back out again, rounding out characters and story arcs, the story was changed and yet immeasurably strengthened, and it left me quite startled and amazed at the metamorphosis it went through. I don’t know if every author has this kind of experience, but I certainly did! 

Now that Book Three is finally ready for the editor, I’m sure I’ll be facing entirely new challenges and experiences with the editing process. It’s hard to tell as of yet when it will be out—the birth process of a new book is quite intensive and takes time—but I am sure when it does, it will be stronger for what is has been through. And so will I!