An Interview with Tamara Carrington

I first met Tamara Carrington many years ago, when exploring the new world I’d just begun to discover through my stories. A young woman, barely beyond adolescence, she captured my imagination and made me wonder just what made her tick. We discovered many things about each other in those years, including things I never would have imagined. Listening to her has been an amazing journey and I’m very glad to let her speak:  Tamara: We haven’t spoken in a while, have we?

Sara: No, but the best friendships are the ones that last no matter what happens. The connection is still there.   

 Tamara: That’s what they say. It feels right on, too. What was your favorite part to write about my life?

Sara: That would be giving out spoilers….but I’d say that you had a particular relationship with a particular person that was my favorite to write. You seemed happy in it, too.

Tamara: I am happy. Deliriously so, even if it took a while to get there. I was so volatile when I was younger! Everything seemed so much more…dramatic. Earth shaking! But richer, too, somehow. As if throwing myself into life was the only way to fully live.

Sara: Isn’t it?

Tamara (laughs): I could live without the emotional extremes. Committing to life doesn’t necessarily mean being a firecracker.

Sara: Does it have to mean anything? What if it could just be something we do without effort? What if living fully is our natural way of being and it takes effort to cut ourselves off?

Tamara: You sound like Greg. Or the aarya. Not that I ever really had much exposure to the aarya, but they don’t see reality the way the rest of us do.

Sara:  No, they don’t. It’s taken me a while before I could even hear what they had to tell me. I’m not sure I know even now.

Tamara: I’m not sure I want to know.

Sara: You’ve never liked the deeper stuff, have you?

Tamara: I don’t know about that. I’m more interested in things that you can hear and see and touch, yes, but there’s something to be said for the perceptions you get from the other awareness. We call it psi. Greg would know more than I would about the theories behind it all.

Sara: Yes, there will be more about it all, you can be sure about that.

Tamara: Good. I’d hate to be the only representative of the story. Thank you for writing about us, by the way. I’ve had fun and it’s great to share it with the world.

Sara: So have I! Tell me when you have other stories, by the way. I can hardly wait to see what they are!