Holidays on the Planet of Azelle

Holidays on the Planet of Azelle

I received a question recently about holidays on Azelle, the planet I am slowly revealing to Earth. Honestly, I didn’t know the answer, so I decided to ask one of my main connections to the world of Azelle. This interaction is a result of that query. 

Me: Hey, Merran…

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Holiday Musings

Holiday Musings

The 4th of July is almost upon us, and I found myself thinking about the holiday and just what this particular holiday is all about. This one is a commemoration of a very important event to us, culturally—the day we have earmarked as our "Independence Day”, a date in history that marked our official separation from England, and the formation of a new country. It’s a marker of our identity as a country, as well as an excuse to get a day or two off from work.

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The Other Side of the Rainbow: Book 2 Update!

It’s been a while since my last post—but the good news is, editing is finally done on book 2! It officially has a title, too, and is going to be called Triangle: Book Two of the Azellian Affairs. Within the next month or so, we will be moving from editing to production, which means we should see a finalized book in the next few months—maybe even before summer! 

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Climbing Another Mountain: The Journey of Writing a Sequel

It’s been months since my last blog post, as I have been completely and totally buried in editing my second novel. When I began this journey to publication years ago, I had thought the biggest mountain to climb was getting published in the first place. While, yes, that was a challenge requiring courage and support, little did I know that the process of editing a sequel was going to be quite so vigorous. 

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Remembering the Editing Process -- Take Two

Much like childbirth, one forgets the pain—and utter joy—of any huge creative endeavor. I don’t know what other artists feel like, but it is a mix of emotions that face me as I get the first edit of Book 2 back from the editor and see what she has to say. 

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Who would I cast in a movie of Alawahea?

As I have been touring different blogs, doing interviews, having my book reviewed, putting up excerpts, I have discovered that the most important part about being an author—something I never imagined when the sometimes schizophrenic voice inside my head was insisting I HAD to publish the stories bubbling around in my psyche—is the readers. There is a magic that happens between an author’s creation and the readers who enjoy it. This has been one of the biggest gifts that I’ve gotten with my blog tour for Alawahea. Another gift is the fun questions that are asked in the interviews. One I had the most fun with: who would you have play your characters if your book was ever made into a movie? I really had no idea who I would pick, yet as I thought about that question, I realized I had some very strong opinions about it.

Tamara Carrington: Felicity Jones. She’s got a very sweet, gentle quality and is quietly pretty. And I’ve really enjoyed the movies I’ve seen her in!

Alarin Raderth: Alex O’Laughlin. Ever since I saw him in Moonlight, I have had a fascination for his stage presence. Although he’s not a redhead, he’s the perfect combination of supreme self-confidence and charm that I see in Alarin.

Merran Corina: Francois Arnaud. He’s got the sheer sexual presence to pull off Merran Corina. His performance in The Borgia’s, was perfect. Before he wandered too far into the realms of extreme ruthlessness that was Cesare Borgia, that is. Merran has that streak, too, and could go there. He just doesn’t show it very often.

Greg Tenricth: Michael Stahl-David. I loved his performance in the movie “In Your Eyes”. His gentle, but strong support of the person he cared about and the willingness to support his own viewpoint to the point of not caring what the rest of society thinks is very much Greg.

Justern Memaxthal: This one took me a while, but considering I was huge fan of Moonlight, and then wandered into Veronica Mars as I worked backward and explored Jason Dohring roles. Logan from Veronica Mars is very much Justern in many ways, although Justern came into being in the early 90’s, long before I’d ever seen Veronica Mars.

Mellis Mennak: This one, too, took me a while. One of my very good friends, Alissa Barry, is actually the perfect Mellis. But if we have to go with actors, I’d say I haven’t quite found the perfect Mellis. There are lots of quality actresses I think are awesome, but I have yet to find one that I say yes, that’s Mellis to. At least not yet!

What does your imagination conjure up for actors to play these roles? Let’s have some fun and cast our very own version of The Azellian Affairs…







An Interview with Merran Corina

A wonderful fellow author, Melissa Kline, suggested that I play with having characters talk to me through an interview. The first character I chose is also the most intense of my characters. Merran Corina swept me away when I first started writing about him, and he still does. We have been through many adventures together…I am so excited to have them finally out there interacting with everyone!    Sara: It’s been a while since we sat down and talked, hasn’t it? I’ve missed you.

Merran: We’re here now, aren’t we? Let’s chat. This is supposed to be an interview. We’ve done lots and lots of those, haven’t we?

Sara: Yes, we certainly have. You’re a camera hog, you know.

Merran (laughs): When did you figure that out?

Sara: The day you walked onto the pages of the first book and took over. The first book was not supposed to be about you, you know. You were originally a very marginal character.  Someone who was a distant figure….the Azellian ambassador who loomed over everything but had no immediate interaction.

Merran: Me, marginal? No immediate interaction? Oh, that’s funny. I can’t imagine not having a connection with you. We’ve been together for nearly twenty years now. When DID the story shift from to Tamara and me and all the others?  You didn’t start there, remember?

Sara: That’s true enough. I didn’t start there, not with the play I wrote for my friends and me to act out, and not with the stories that took off from there. Of course, the original characters were the voice of an overly dramatic adolescence and too many romance novels. Tamara and you were so much more sedate.

Merran (with a grin): I’m not sure I’d call our adventures sedate. I went through hell.

Sara: Well, what did it bring you? Peace, love, harmony. Joy. Everything you were looking for.

Merran: What about you? You ready to step back in and play with us some more?

Sara: Oh yes! I love playing in your reality. You ready for me to come in and channel some more of you?

Merran: Bring it on. You’re going to love what’s going on here in our world. (Extends a hand)


An Interview with Tamara Carrington

I first met Tamara Carrington many years ago, when exploring the new world I’d just begun to discover through my stories. A young woman, barely beyond adolescence, she captured my imagination and made me wonder just what made her tick. We discovered many things about each other in those years, including things I never would have imagined. Listening to her has been an amazing journey and I’m very glad to let her speak:  Tamara: We haven’t spoken in a while, have we?

Sara: No, but the best friendships are the ones that last no matter what happens. The connection is still there.   

 Tamara: That’s what they say. It feels right on, too. What was your favorite part to write about my life?

Sara: That would be giving out spoilers….but I’d say that you had a particular relationship with a particular person that was my favorite to write. You seemed happy in it, too.

Tamara: I am happy. Deliriously so, even if it took a while to get there. I was so volatile when I was younger! Everything seemed so much more…dramatic. Earth shaking! But richer, too, somehow. As if throwing myself into life was the only way to fully live.

Sara: Isn’t it?

Tamara (laughs): I could live without the emotional extremes. Committing to life doesn’t necessarily mean being a firecracker.

Sara: Does it have to mean anything? What if it could just be something we do without effort? What if living fully is our natural way of being and it takes effort to cut ourselves off?

Tamara: You sound like Greg. Or the aarya. Not that I ever really had much exposure to the aarya, but they don’t see reality the way the rest of us do.

Sara:  No, they don’t. It’s taken me a while before I could even hear what they had to tell me. I’m not sure I know even now.

Tamara: I’m not sure I want to know.

Sara: You’ve never liked the deeper stuff, have you?

Tamara: I don’t know about that. I’m more interested in things that you can hear and see and touch, yes, but there’s something to be said for the perceptions you get from the other awareness. We call it psi. Greg would know more than I would about the theories behind it all.

Sara: Yes, there will be more about it all, you can be sure about that.

Tamara: Good. I’d hate to be the only representative of the story. Thank you for writing about us, by the way. I’ve had fun and it’s great to share it with the world.

Sara: So have I! Tell me when you have other stories, by the way. I can hardly wait to see what they are!

It's HERE...The Book is Launching

So many changes since I last posted an update! It’s official…my book is launching tomorrow!! After a long journey and lots and lots of details I never knew went into publishing, I have finally reached that milestone…I am published! And Alawahea: The Azellian Affairs Book One is now fully birthed into this plane of existence. To help send this baby of mine on its way, I am also starting a blog tour this month. That means I will be visiting twenty  five or so different blogs over the next month, offering free excerpts, interviews and in general enjoying the wonderful and amazing writers/readers out there who are willing to feature Alawahea on their blogs. Such excitement! I can hardly wait to see how avid readers interact and play with the story.

I will be posting each week with updates on each of the stops. The possibilities are endless…I’m very excited to see how this all plays out! And for those of you who can be there, I look forward to seeing you at the launch. For those of you who can’t, you’ll be with us in spirit. Lots of love to all of you, and see you all in the world of Azelle!