Remembering the Editing Process -- Take Two

Much like childbirth, one forgets the pain—and utter joy—of any huge creative endeavor. I don’t know what other artists feel like, but it is a mix of emotions that face me as I get the first edit of Book 2 back from the editor and see what she has to say. Now I get to smooth out ALL those rough edges and begin to re-work the manuscript so it can be polished to a shine that brings out the best that it can be. The story I wrote gets a hair cut. Sometimes it’s quite dramatic and all the head gets shaved. Scenes come out, threads get re-woven. Other times, it’s a simple trim, a word adjusted here and there. 

It’s certainly the toughest part of the process. Writing a story, especially when the muse is talking, is easy. Re-writing it is quite different. Re-writing is a different skill set than writing, requiring a part of the brain to keep track of the large threads while coming up with brand new scenes that fit into the overall whole. It's not unlike editing. How does my editor do this on a regular basis? I have no idea, yet her input is so intensely invaluable and I am super grateful she does it. Something about the synergy between us brings out a magic I can’t even explain. I have re-written book 2 more than a few times, and edited it countless times, rearranging storylines and trying to smooth out edges. Yet, somehow, I can’t even perceive some of the trouble spots until she points them out. Her questions lead me down different roads and I see things I literally could not see before. It is a truly mutual creative endeavor that just amazes me.

But there is no question that it is difficult. This baby, who is being gestated, is asking for quite a bit of creative energy and time. This is where the hard work comes in. Writing a story is easy. Editing and re-writes? Not so much. But I wouldn’t give up any moment of this process. And best of all, at the end of the tunnel there are the continuing adventures of Tamara, Merran and Alarin, and a world in which I love to spend time! What’s next? Well, we’ll soon find out…