Who would I cast in a movie of Alawahea?

As I have been touring different blogs, doing interviews, having my book reviewed, putting up excerpts, I have discovered that the most important part about being an author—something I never imagined when the sometimes schizophrenic voice inside my head was insisting I HAD to publish the stories bubbling around in my psyche—is the readers. There is a magic that happens between an author’s creation and the readers who enjoy it. This has been one of the biggest gifts that I’ve gotten with my blog tour for Alawahea. Another gift is the fun questions that are asked in the interviews. One I had the most fun with: who would you have play your characters if your book was ever made into a movie? I really had no idea who I would pick, yet as I thought about that question, I realized I had some very strong opinions about it.

Tamara Carrington: Felicity Jones. She’s got a very sweet, gentle quality and is quietly pretty. And I’ve really enjoyed the movies I’ve seen her in!

Alarin Raderth: Alex O’Laughlin. Ever since I saw him in Moonlight, I have had a fascination for his stage presence. Although he’s not a redhead, he’s the perfect combination of supreme self-confidence and charm that I see in Alarin.

Merran Corina: Francois Arnaud. He’s got the sheer sexual presence to pull off Merran Corina. His performance in The Borgia’s, was perfect. Before he wandered too far into the realms of extreme ruthlessness that was Cesare Borgia, that is. Merran has that streak, too, and could go there. He just doesn’t show it very often.

Greg Tenricth: Michael Stahl-David. I loved his performance in the movie “In Your Eyes”. His gentle, but strong support of the person he cared about and the willingness to support his own viewpoint to the point of not caring what the rest of society thinks is very much Greg.

Justern Memaxthal: This one took me a while, but considering I was huge fan of Moonlight, and then wandered into Veronica Mars as I worked backward and explored Jason Dohring roles. Logan from Veronica Mars is very much Justern in many ways, although Justern came into being in the early 90’s, long before I’d ever seen Veronica Mars.

Mellis Mennak: This one, too, took me a while. One of my very good friends, Alissa Barry, is actually the perfect Mellis. But if we have to go with actors, I’d say I haven’t quite found the perfect Mellis. There are lots of quality actresses I think are awesome, but I have yet to find one that I say yes, that’s Mellis to. At least not yet!

What does your imagination conjure up for actors to play these roles? Let’s have some fun and cast our very own version of The Azellian Affairs…